Making Peace With Your Traditional Food Journey

I arrived at the gym this morning to teach my 8:30 class.  As usual there was a woman, who comes there every morning, not to take a class or run on the treadmill, but to put on her ipod and dance.

This is her exercise and more importantly to her, this is also her spiritual practice.  As she finished up her dance we began to make small talk.  She happened to mention to me that she thought I “looked like I had peace in my life”. 

I had never really put that much thought into this idea, but this particular morning I was NOT feeling very peaceful.  Today, in my third trimester of pregnancy, with a whinny three year old and an alarm clock that did not go off this morning, I was NOT in a peaceful place.

But her comment inspired me.  It made me think about the traditional food journey that I find myself on right now.  And it made me realize three very important things that I hope to share with you as you travel on your own traditional food journey.

Here are three things to keep in mind to help you make peace with your traditional food journey. 

1.  Remember that this change, just like anything else in life (and life itself) is a journey.  We are not meant to go from point A to point B in a blink of an eye.  There is a road that must be traveled between A and B, and that journey makes us all the better.  So as you make this foodie transition, bear in mind that it is okay and in fact necessary for you to be RIGHT WHERE  YOU ARE at this moment.

Yes I know it sounds hard to hear, but you really DO NOT need to make all the changes in your diet at once.  Start small, by eliminating high fructose corn syrup, or hydrogenated oils.  Or switch your white bread out for a natural store bought whole wheat variety.

Small changes are what make our traditional food journey manageable and stress free.  So today, be alright just where you are in your journey.

2.  Remember that even if you don’t see the change your new habits have had in your life, other people still might see it.  My conversation with the lady at the gym this morning reminded me of this very fact. 

We are usually our own worst critics.  Just as I felt like I was having a very crazy and anxiety filled morning, my friend there still saw the peace in me.

The same thing goes for your traditional food journey.  Just because you don’t notice that you have more energy, your kids may notice that you are playing with them more, or your boss my comment on how much more productive you’ve been at work.

Ultimately, while we are making changes in our eating and lifestyle so that we can live healthier, happier lives, that “healthier and happier” is what enables us to give more and be more to the people that we love and care about. 

3.  Remember that peace is NOT found in perfection.

This kind of goes along with what I was talking about in the first topic.  You don’t have to soak every gain, consume only raw dairy products, and cook with only natural fats in order to find peace in your traditional food journey. 

While these things might be your ideal way of eating, the peace you feel should be separate from the end result.  So find peace in making any little change.  Find peace into replacing your coffee habit with water, or in replacing your all purpose white flour with whole wheat.

Whatever change that you can manage in your life right now, is not only a reason to feel at peace about your journey, but to rejoice and be glad about it.

How do your make peace with your traditional food journey?  I’d love to hear your ideas.

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